Who doesn’t love a well appointed kitchen island? It’s no secrete that the kitchen is the heart of the home. There’s something about the kitchen island that seems to draw everyone around. Maybe it’s the smell of delicious food being prepared or the convenience of all that counter space to lay out the perfectly well prepared charcuterie board and glasses of wine to be filled or maybe it’s just the overall energy that spreads to the rest of the house because the kitchen is where we nourish not just our bodies but often our hearts with good company and memorable laughs with friends and family.

I’ve been discussing a kitchen remodel with a client/friend lately. She loves her island but feels it’s too small for her prep and entertaining needs. In measuring the space, to create something bigger would take away from her kitchen dining area, which she values for intimate family dinners with her husband and three kid. So being the solution finder I pride myself on being, I thought we may investigate some kitchen islands that provide both the utility of expansive counter space along with cozy dining.

Because these kitchens are all pretty large, we may not have that luxury. That’s not to say we couldn’t scale it down. What I love about this design is the way everything is compact together which, depending on the space, is a great use of balance, leaving no wasted space.

Another option for a smaller kitchen (or just a kitchen that needs some extra character) would be to build in a kitchen nook, pushing the standard dining space back against the wall/window which opens up the floor plan for a few extra feet. Plus, I absolutely adore a great nook!

Can’t you just imagine yourself hanging out here over coffee or a glass of wine?

The point is that there are creative solutions for just about any space, big or small. They key is determining how you use your space, the ambiance you’re wanting to create and a little use of ingenuity!

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Inturpretting dreams is what we do!

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