Texas weather is weird. I mean no disrespect to the great state but I would challenge any native Texan to argue with me on that! Just this week alone, I began using my fireplace and the heater later overnight. The next day we had all the doors and windows open. The next day we actually turned on the air conditioner and today…well, today I’m tucked up under a blanket as I write this and I’m about to turn on the gas for the fireplace. As I said, Texas weather is weird.

Oh, but these pops of spring weather! (sorry to everyone up north who’s freezing their tushes off) We’ve had a taste of what it would be to live outside for a minute. This glimpse has me thinking of the continuous changes I’m longing for in my own backyard. I’ve got good friends who own the most fantastic landscaping company here in The Woodlands, Envy Me Outdoor Design. They do all things outdoor design and I’m desperate to have them come whip my back patio into shape.

As I was looking for inspiration photos from my previous post about Built in kitchen design, I found myself side tracking into outdoor built in seating (squirrel). Every one of these had me imagining the unlimited possibilities

So…pros and cons:


So clean and contemporary – Even if contemporary design isn’t your jam, it would be so easy to add more traditional elements if that’s more to your taste.

Built in furniture adds weighted substance to a space which allows for maximum seating. Think of the parties you could have!

Built in furniture is perfect for both large and small outdoor spaces. Because you can build entirely to scale, it’s perfect for utilizing every inch of usable space in a practical way.

The permanence of built in furniture adds value to your home’s outdoor design. Future home owners get the furniture in the purchase of the home. You, hopefully get full asking price!


You can’t take it with you. That’s it. It stays with the home. Lucky new home owners.

So that’s the to do about that! What do you think? I’m not an expert in outdoor design but I certainly know good design when I see it and I know someone who is an expert! If you’re in the greater Houston area and need help with your outdoor design, contact Envy Me Outdoor Design. I promise, they’ll take great care of you. If you need help with interior design, flooring, kitchen/bath remodels, painting or gutters, shoot me a message and we’ll talk about your needs and do what we can to make your design dreams come true!

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